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By Shelle Rose Charvet

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A neighbor of mine owns a small company that designs and builds sunrooms, in Canada’s dark and cold wintertime. I asked him, “Have you checked out your ads for the language you’re using?” His ads used mainly Away From language: “So are you tired of the dark in the wintertime?” He had a variety of ads, but they were all in Away From phrases, about what people want to avoid and get away from.

So I suggested doing an A/B test in his Google ads, using both Toward and Away From ads.

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The Toward ads talked about what people want:

  • “Want more light in your place in the wintertime?”
  • “Would you love to have more flowers, more space, and more light in your house?”

The Away From ads talked about what people want to get away from:

  • “Tired of not having enough space?”
  • “Is it too dark at home in the winter?”

“Interestingly, it turned out in his case, the clicks were split almost half and half on the Toward and Away From ad, which meant he’d only been reaching half of his potential audience.”
– Shelle

Shelle Rose Charvet

A tiny example of what companies are missing
if they don’t understand the hidden aspects of
why and how their customers buy or don’t buy!

When you want to increase your impact,
improve response rates, and
have your customers become your advocates.

A highly successful mutual fund company needed to improve their sales closing ratio
to make better use of their time. That meant finding out the difference between those
clients who were just “just looking” versus those who were seriously looking for a new financial advisor.
It turned out that there were significant differences in the below-conscious Motivation Triggers™ in their high value clients and in the “tire kicking” group of prospects.

As a result of understanding these critical differences, we were able to design their sales process to match how the customers decide, helped with branding, slogan development and website design. They reported dramatically increased closing rates and overall sales.

Shelle enables organizations to
understand their customers’ Buying Journey,
and in partnership with you,
develops the strategic Words That Change Minds
to attract and retain your customers.


Every consulting engagement is different!

Just let me know what you’re looking for and let’s talk!

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