Want a Great Speaker?

Shelle is known for her expertise in
influencing and persuasion.
Inducted into the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame,
and recognized as a Global Speaking Fellow
by the Global Speakers’ Federation,
she is also a popular and highly-acclaimed speaker
both in-person and online.

Yeah but…. 

what she really loves is indulging
her fancy for Standup Comedy.

Lesley Aussant
Executive Director Strategy and Organizational Performance Branch, Service New Brunswick Service New Brunswick / Service Nouveau-Brunwick

“Shelle provided a virtual presentation to our Service New Brunswick audience of more than 250 organizational leaders. It’s not easy to engage such a large group in a virtual setting, but Shelle’s enthusiasm and passion for her subject kept us focused. We were particularly impressed that Shelle was willing to give us so much time – with her presentation and leading break out groups, she stayed with us throughout the entire morning. Our staff tell us they will be using the concepts introduced from her LabProfile methodology, such as going to the persons bus stop and the bad news formula, as they work with their respective teams.”

But what’s Shelle Rose Charvet really like on stage?

Here is a sampling of Shelle’s presentations through the years…

Words That Change Minds

“Different strokes for different folks.”
What a cliché!
But the truth is that most people
use the same strategy

they use to convince themselves of something,
with other people.

And it often doesn’t work.
Because people ARE different.
And even more different than that,
because they don’t always do the same thing.


In this highly engaging, interactive program
Shelle will introduce your people to the
below-conscious Motivation Triggers™ which
drive people’s behavior in different situations.

And show you how to use the
Words That Change Minds.

40-minute keynote in-person or live online,
half-day workshop, full day workshop.

This program is for:

  • Sales leaders and seasoned sales professionals
  • Marketing professionals
  • Senior leaders and managers
  • Project managers

    And anyone who has to persuade to succeed.

    This program is based on NEW developments in neuroscience, 
    and Shelle’s international best-selling book 
    Words That Change Minds,
    translated into 15 languages.



    • Recognize these Triggers from conversations, emails, and text
    • Use the right Influencing Language to increase positive responses and
      decrease misunderstandings
    • Avoid inadvertently saying or doing the wrong thing
    • Improve your marketing, sales, and retention by using the right words at the right time
    • Increase audience engagement and buy-in

      Words That Change Customers’ Minds

      Everything you do
      affects the emotional state of your customer.

      Everything you do
      determines what your customer
      believes about your whole organization.

      Your customers don’t want to be told what to do
      and giving them more information only goes so far.

      How you respond to your customer,
      your facial expression, what you do,
      what you say, what you write…
      can make your customer feel happy or sad,
      relieved, or disappointed.

      How you respond to your customer,
      can make your organization look helpful and friendly,
      incompetent, or expert.

      You have an awful lot of power, but …

      The problem is
      most people never consciously learned
      a strategy for using that power;
      for influencing and persuasion.

      In this program you’ll find out:

      • The Motivation Triggers™ of your clients
      • Key questions to ask to uncover these Triggers
      • Influencing Language to use or avoid
      • The Unconscious buying signals, and
      • Signals your customer is unhappy even before they know!

      40-minute keynote in-person or live online,
      half-day workshop, full day workshop.

      This program is for:

      • Sales leaders and seasoned sales professionals
      • Marketing professionals
      • Senior leaders and managers
      • Customer Experience Leaders and Teams

      Presenting Ideas to Skeptical People

      Have you ever noticed that the more enthusiastic you are, the more skeptical some people become?

      And it can be so much worse at home with your family!

      The trouble is that when someone is enthusiastic,
      others may perceive that they are …
      being told what to think.

      And so many meetings fail to find great solutions,
      because of one misplaced: “I think you should …”
      and there goes one of the team’s best ideas,
      wiped right off the table because
      people don’t like being “shoulded.”

      (Okay that’s not a real word …. yet)

      40-minute keynote in-person or live online

      And do you ever have to deal with
      “Macho” people?
      Who already know everything,
      Are perfect in every way,
      If there are problems, they are someone else’s fault, or
      They’re more important than anyone else?

      This program is for:

      • People who make high stakes presentations
      • Senior leaders and managers
      • Project managers
      • Client-facing professionals

        And anyone who has to persuade to succeed.

        Program Highlights:

        • The Skeptical People Process™ to get anyone to listen to you.
        • How to identify and resolve doubts, reservations, and objections.
        • How to pry open mental space in even the most closed of minds.
        • Make sure your message passes “The Macho Test.”

          In our online poll, 23% of people said
          their biggest communication problem is caused by people’s 
          stubborn refusal to entertain other perspectives!

          This program enables you to know how to get buy-in from even the most difficult people.

          10 Fundamental Differences Between
          Men and Women and Why They Matter

          Hey! Is this a sexist program?
          Well, let me answer that this way.

          Metaphor Alert! 
          Do you use a Mac or a PC?

          Mac & PC

          Most people have a preference for one or the other.
          And often hate the other.
          Isn’t it strange that 2 Operating Systems which are
          supposed to do similar things,
          can arouse such powerful, visceral reactions? 

          But Operating Systems give computers rules
          to function by based on what is important.

          So, I see the differences between men and women
          are like 2 Operating Systems.

          And it’s NOT about which of the genders someone has.
          It’s about the Mental Model that they’re functioning from,
          like an Operating System.

          These Traditional Male and Traditional Female Models
          Are influenced by Culture
          And they can change based on the Topic or Context.


          Male and Female Models

          Program Highlights:

          • find out where you are on each continuum and when it shifts
          • how to authentically connect even with people who seem to play games
          • how to be more strategic in your career and not get taken advantage of
          • why starting a brand new activity can be so stressful and how to fix that
          • why some people are easily hurt, while others get over things with ease
          • how having high standards for yourself can hurt your career
          • identify the Male and Female Models in communication and improve rapport and boost your credibility

          40-minute keynote in-person or live online

          This program is for:

          • Senior leaders and managers
          • Professionals who want to up their influence without losing authenticity

          And everyone who knows they have to persuade to succeed
          but hates doing it!

          Just let me know

          what you’re looking for

          and let’s talk!

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