What is the LAB Profile®?

Have you noticed that personality profiles tend to label people as if they “always” have one characteristic or another?

The LAB Profile®, short for Language and Behavior Profile, recognizes that our behavior changes in different situations. So does our motivation and our language.

The LAB Profile® shows you how to interpret people’s language and behavior in different contexts, so you can better understand, predict and influence behavior. Dramatically increase your positive impact with people.

What is Lab Profile?

What is the language of Influence?

More Info on LAB Profile®

The Language and Behavior Profile
(LAB Profile®) enables us to notice and respond with just the right Influencing Language.

It’s tailored to each situation to understand

  • How people get motivated,
  • How they process information, and
  • How they make decisions.

It is a set of questions that anyone can feed into casual conversation or use
as a formal survey for groups.

We pay attention to how people talk when they answer, rather than what they talk about.

As we develop the skills, we can discover peoples’ patterns without having to actually ask the questions.

Many people and organizations around the world are using these tools to:

  • Establish a deep level of rapport and communicate effectively with anyone
  • Take the pain out of implementing organizational change
  • Shorten the sales cycle and guarantee customer satisfaction
  • Design powerful marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Hire people who are motivated to perform
  • Dramatically improve results in negotiation and litigation
  • Adapt training and education programs to satisfy diverse needs
  • Increase self knowledge and self esteem
  • Simplify career counselling and professional coaching
  • Create high performance teams by managing peoples’ strengths instead of suffering from their weaknesses.

What’s in the
LAB Profile®

  • The 6 Motivation Triggers that people need to get excited about something
  • The 8 Working Traits that describe how people process information, environments they need to be productive, their response to stress and how they get convinced
  • How to discover the patterns for an individual or group
  • Using the appropriate Influencing Language for maximum impact
  • Irresistible language
  • How to apply this tool to any communication context

Discover the LAB Profile® Patterns that will help you

  • Identify people’s values and criteria to know what is really important to them
  • Understand how to speak to people who want to avoid problems vs. those who prefer a goal orientation
  • Increase your impact with people who decide for themselves and those
    influenced by external factors
  • Solve conflicts between those who prefer to create alternatives vs. those
    who follow a step-by-step procedure
  • Identify the language needed to reduce resistance to change

Maximize Your Language and Behavior

Coaching Sessions
  • Know the power of certain words and phrases
  • Predict people’s behavior from the language they use
  • Understand how situations affect people’s motivation and behavior
  • Avoid making mistakes, recover from bloopers, blunders and faux pas

Use Questions to Uncover Motivation Triggers™

Ending Stage Fright
  • Diagnose motivation patterns from the language people use
  • Read between the lines in communications you receive
  • Determine how to reduce resistance to change
  • Identify who’s best at what on your team

Use Influencing Language to Maximize your Impact

  • Discover the “Words that Change Minds”
  • Communicate with culturally diverse groups
  • Learn how to pry open mental space in even the most closed of minds
  • Establish a deep level of rapport and communicate effectively with anyone
  • Shorten the sales cycle and guarantee customer satisfaction
  • Hire people who are motivated to perform
  • Design powerful marketing and advertising campaigns

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LAB Profile® at work?

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Shelle Rose Charvet

is the founder of The Institute for Influence. She is a bestselling author and the international expert on Influencing Language, researching and teaching for over 30 years.

Her first book, Words That Change Minds, is an international bestseller, available in 15 languages, and a Forbes best management book.

Organizations in over 30 countries ask Shelle to help them increase their impact and influence.


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