The Macho Factor Quiz

We have shown you how to deal with the Macho Types in your life in my bestselling audio Presenting Ideas to Skeptical People, but here is your opportunity to find out your own Macho Factor.

You can fill it out yourself and get your favourite people to answer the questions.

Are you Macho? Find out right away! Only 10 easy questions.

Instructions: For each number, circle the choice that most closely matches what you would do in that situation.

    1. When your significant other makes a suggestion you,

    A – can see what’s wrong with the idea
    B – get a better idea
    C – recognize that it came from thoughts you’ve had previously
    D –  listen and look for what’s good about it

    2. People at work look up to you because:

    A – you have a higher level of knowledge and skills
    B – you know what you’re doing and you help them a lot
    C – of your leadership role
    D – you make them feel appreciated for their contribution

    3. In the past you remember times when someone criticized something you did because

    A – they had misunderstood or made a mistake
    B – they were blaming you for problems not of your making
    C – they just had a different opinion than you
    D – they had a valid point to make

    4. In your family you

    A – generally know what’s best for them
    B – will very occasionally be convinced to change your mind once you’ve made a decision
    C – listen to what they think even though you know it’s right or wrong
    D – have learned to listen and respect their wishes, sometimes even when you disagree

    5. When you are sure someone is wrong, you

    A – let them know in no uncertain terms
    B – are secretly delighted but communicate it gently
    C – disagree and wait for their response
    D – ask about their view and then state your perspective

    6. When you make a mistake

    A – it’s so rare that you make mistakes, that it’s difficult to remember a time
    B – you often divert attention to other issues
    C – you’d rather others didn’t know about it
    D – it just shows that you’re not perfect

    7. When someone offers to help you out,

    A – you think they are saying you are not doing a good job and reject their offer
    B – you usually decline because you can do it better yourself
    C – you wonder if the offer is a veiled criticism
    D – when you need help you are glad to receive the offer and accept

    8. When you do not know how to do something

    A – you can’t remember not knowing how to do something
    B – you carry on and fake it until you make it
    C -you work on something else
    D – you look up the answer or ask someone who knows

    9. When someone tells you there is a big problem with what you are doing,

    A –  you blow up and put them in their place
    B –  you let them know how wrong they are
    C –  you figure they are making mountains out of a molehill and it’s no big deal
    D – you listen to find what they think is wrong

    10. When you find out something that no one else knows,

    A – you let everyone know that you know something they don’t
    B – you wistfully tell people you wish you could tell but you can’t
    C – you are delighted to let others in on the secret that only you know
    D – if it’s a secret you keep it to yourself and if you can tell, you do

    The Macho Factor Quiz Answer Sheet

    Scoring The Macho Factor Quiz:

    For every a) count 4 points, b) 3 points, c) 2 points d) 1 point.

    If your total is below 14, please add 20 points to get your correct score.

    Here’s my definition of Macho. Everyone becomes Macho under the right conditions. When a person becomes Macho, they operate as if they believe the following:

    • They already know everything there is to know
    • They do not have any problems; they and everything connected with them are perfect
    • If there are problems, they are of someone else’s making
    • They are better, higher, more important, and more knowledgeable than anyone else

    Mega Macho: Others have to treat you with kid gloves. You are possibly hiding deep insecurities. You tend to sabotage your own learning by not taking in information from the outside.

    Mainly Macho: You can often be bull-headed with others but will eventually listen to reason.

    Mini Macho: Occasionally you will get your dander up with certain individuals who seem to “set you off”, but for the most part you don’t need to be the biggest, the best or the center of attention.

    Macho Free: You are open to new ideas, even if they are not your own and are willing to celebrate others’ creativity and success.

    30-40 points = Mega Macho
    20-29 points = Mainly Macho
    15-19 points = Mini Macho
    0-14 points = Macho Free

    For more information on the Macho Pattern, check out The Macho Test article and our bestselling audio Presenting Ideas to Skeptical People.

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