Why Enthusiam Causes Skepticism

Do you ever find yourself eagerly presenting a fantastic idea, only to face skepticism? It’s a common scenario—some people present more challenging convincing than others. Have you ever wondered why your enthusiasm can trigger skepticism in others?

Ever find yourself excitedly presenting a fantastic idea, only to be met with skepticism? It’s a common phenomenon—some people are just harder to convince than others. Have you ever wondered why your enthusiasm can trigger skepticism in others?

The Denver Dilemma: Balancing Excitement and Skepticism

Picture this: You have this incredible idea, ready to share it with the world. Be it at home or work, spill your idea beans, expecting cheers, but instead, get a few puzzled looks. Sound familiar?

Let me share a quick story from the trenches of Denver. A workshop I held prompted an executive to book me for a three-day gig with senior executives. Sounds like a win, right? But here’s the twist. When I inquired about what she told everyone, she said, “I told them it’s going to be fantastic, like a life-changing experience.” Now, don’t get me wrong; it’s flattering. But I knew I had to tackle potential skepticism.

Navigating Skepticism: The CFO Conundrum

So, I did a quick check-in with some folks, especially those not doing cartwheels about the upcoming program. Turns out, the CFO wasn’t exactly doing the happy dance, questioning why they’re investing time in this. I gave the CFO a call, had a chat, and smoothed out the skepticism.

Cracking the Code: Why Enthusiasm Gets Side-Eye

Now, let’s dive into why people get skeptical, especially when riding the wave of enthusiasm. It’s like this subconscious thing—your super excitement might come off as telling people what to do. And let’s be real, not many folks appreciate unsolicited advice, right?

Think about your life—how much trust have you built with the people around you? Because here’s the deal: People need to see you as super reliable before hopping on your excitement train.

The Trust Factor: Building Bridges Beyond Skepticism

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